Realize your true traffic. is a cloud based log file analysis software which enables you to easily visualize high volumes of log files. It gives you real and meaningful insights about your server traffic. With you can track and identify everything that happens on your website. No crawler will ever go undetected. Automated bot detection, scalability, segmentation, real-time analytics and much more make an indispensable tool for your online marketing.

Crawler Tracking

Detailed Bot Tracking - Search Engine Bots, SEO Tools, Spiders, Spam Bots, Spoofing Bots

Crawling Budget

Optimize your crawling budget. See every change. Customize your website.

Real Time Tracking

We can show Googlebot live on all screen displays

Data-based decisions

Gain a detailed understanding of your web traffic

Log file analysis is important

John Mueller, Google
"Log files are so underrated, so much good information in them."

Matt Cutts, Former Googler
“What are the 5 things I would optimize on my site? URL Structure, titles, good content, fresh content and check my server logs & analytics.”

AJ Kohn, Blind Five Year Old
“You win if you get your low PageRank pages crawled more frequently than the competition.”

Björn Beth, Searchmetrics
"When it comes to log file analyzing, does a great job: Watch your changes being crawled in real time!"

You will love these features

We make the log data transparent, so you can extract every kind of information you need.

Absolute traffic transparency

Each log entry is read, classified and made available in the Data Explorer. This includes not only user data but crawler data too.

Segment & Compare

Create as many subsets as you want from your log data. Compare time periods and analyse how changes you make to your website are reflected in subsequent crawling behaviour.

Real time alerts & reporting

Monitor what you want, when and how often you want it. Export reports with one click and automatically receive alerts about critical events.

Identify crawled URLs

Which of your URLs are being crawled, and which are not? Identify what search engine crawlers focus on.

Crawl frequency

Which URLs are the most crawled? What does Googlebot crawl, and how often?

Find broken links

Thanks to error codes, you'll identify and fix broken links faster than ever.

Crawl optimize

Analyse search engine crawling. Prevent the crawling of unimportant pages. Control your crawling budget to get the best return.

Status Codes – overview

Monitors client and server errors. Finds temporary and permanent redirects. See everything at a glance.

Optimize website content

Identify large files where the server response time is too long. Identify optimization potential without costly research.

How it works

With warp speed our objective.

Regardless of whether your website is hosted by a web server (Apache, IIS, Nginx) or traffic distribution is via a load balancer – our servers will parse your log files in no time. We analyse your data in several steps and can extract a wealth of information from very short log entries. This provides a fast tool for holistic log file analysis.

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Wie funktioniert
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