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An analytics platform with the highest possible level of accuracy and transparency – that's our vision. We want to move away from script-based tracking and work with raw data instead. Though originally developed for SEO purposes, using for log file analysis continues to unleash more and more possibilities way beyond our original brief. We are at the beginning of a journey, and there are still many more treasures to discover.

Where our journey is heading

Web crawling, especially as performed by search engines, is a much-discussed topic in online marketing. And many assertions, whether offered by those who commission the search engines or by other experts, are rarely empirically checked – mostly because any evaluation of log data is soon abandoned because of the high costs involved. Thus, precisely how a search engine crawls has so far been something of a blind spot, and therefore an aspect of search engine operations which has never been particularly transparent. So making this function visible is a first step towards gaining an understanding of the mechanics of search engines.

But seeing the mechanics doesn’t necessarily mean we can understand them.

This is an important start. Turning forecasts into datasets, providing automated action recommendations for websites, and predicting forthcoming updates is the next stage of our journey. And who knows what else we will discover along the way?


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